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Our way to get success
  • Projects are only accepted after feasibility discussions with customers.
  • Plans are made for every project and technicians work according to the plan following established SOPs.
  • Customers can track project progress through our tracking system online.
  • Record for each project is filed individually. There are several checkpoints in a project. Every checkpoint needs to be met and signed by responsible staff.
  • In monoclonal antibody production, we provide customer test step and customers can select cells to meet their special needs. 
  • Tissue culture medium and serum are from Gibco and HyClone. Tissue culture plates, freezing vials etc. are from Corning and Nunc. All chemical reagents are at least AR grade. Mouse and rats are kept at SPF conditions and rabbits are kept at clean conditions.
  • Products that do not meet required quality will not be released without notifying customers.
  • Products are sent via FedEx or TNT.
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