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Antibody sequencing
We provide sequencing service for VH and VL regions and CH and CL regions of murine monoclonal antibodies. We also provide our predictions for antibody complementary-determining regions (CDR). On request, we provide customers with plasmids containing VH and VL cDNA. The whole project takes about 4 weeks.
Work includes isolating RNA from hybridomas, trancribing into cDNA, PCRing using various primers, ligating PCR products onto a vector, transforming bacteria and finally sequencing. Sequences from ten clones will be reported.
The cost for this service is as below.
Sequencing variable (VH and VLregions
$800 US
CDR analysis
Free of charge
VH and VL inserted plasmids
$100 US
Sequencing constant (CH and CLregions       

 $300 US

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