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Polyclonal antibodies
We make rabbit or rat polyclonal antibodies to peptides, protein antigens or fusion proteins. We also provide antigen preparation services that include cDNA expression, peptide design, peptide synthesis and cross-linking peptides onto carrier proteins. On request, we shall further affinity purify antibodies.
Producing polyclonal anti-serum normally takes 6-8 weeks. Antibody titre in serum is checked by ELISA. If the animal has responded poorly, we shall sacrifice it and make polyclonal anti-serum using another rabbit or rat free of charge. If both animals respond poorly, the protein should be not immunogenic and we shall not try more.
We charge $300 US for 1-4.5 ml rat anti-serum and $600 US for a minimum of 35 ml rabbit anti-serum. Customers should pay within 30 days after receiving an invoice from Absea. Customers still need to pay two third cost If a project has failed.
On request, we can do more boosts on rabbits in 2-3 weeks intervals and each time take 15 ml blood (7-8 ml serum) and do ELISA for it. Each additional boost costs $100.
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