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Mouse monoclonal antibodies

We make monoclonal antibodies to peptides, modified peptides, protein antigens or fusion proteins. We also provide antigen preparation services that include DNA synthesis, plasmid construction, protein expression, peptide design, peptide synthesis and cross-linking peptides onto carrier proteins. We also provide antibody purification and antibody characterization services.

We promise that
 culture medium and serum are from Gibco and HyClone or materials with equal quality. Tissue culture plates, freezing vials etc. are from Corning and Nunc or materials with equal quality. Animals are kept at SPF conditions. 

Please see below for our protocol for custom monoclonal antibody production.

Table 1. Protocol for custom monoclonal antibody production

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Stage 1

 (1) Immunisation of 5 mice
 (2) Testing anti-serum titres by ELISA


8-11 weeks

Stage 2

 (1) Cell fusion to make hybridomas
 (2) ELISA screening of 1200-1800 hybridomas


3 weeks

Stage 3 (Optional)

 (1) ELISA positive supernatants are sent to customers
 (2) Customers select antibodies for demanded applications

Please note: 

Absea screens hybridomas by ELISA after fusion. Usually 10-100 positive hybridomas can be found. As ELISA strong antibodies  may not be good for other applications, such as  immunohistochemistry, flow cytometry, Western blotting,  immunoprecipitation, etc., customers may want to further screen  antibodies by themselves. If customers want to do so, about  500 microliter ELISA positive supernatants will be sent to them for  their testing. 


10 days

Stage 4

 (1) Subcloning all cells that have been selected by customers
 (2) Expanding subcloned cell lines. Freezing down 2 vials for each  cell line as backups.
 (3) Antibody isotyping for successfully subcloned cell lines.
 (4) If more than 3 cell lines are subcloned, each of additional subcloned cell lines costs 150 USD.



4-6 weeks

Stage 5 (Optional)

 Purification of 5 mg IgG from culture supernatant by protein A/G  column


2-3 weeks

n = cell or antibody numbers

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